The Voice of Canadian Business

The Mount Pearl Paradise Chamber of Commerce is a branch of the national Chamber of Commerce. They advocate on behalf of business, and encourage government to operate in the best interests of Canadian businesses in mind. The following is from the national website, and explains the aims of the organization.

"The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is the only national business group with a membership that covers a broad spectrum of private enterprise. With its unique membership configuration of local chambers of commerce and boards of trade, trade associations, and corporations, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is the only non-political, not-for-profit organization with an organized grassroots business network in every single federal riding.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has solidified its position as the "Voice of Canadian Business," to the public, to the media, and to the federal government. Recognized as an organization with political clout, the Canadian Chamber is an articulate and persuasive advocate for business viewpoints and a champion of fiscal responsibility and national unity. When important federal legislation or regulation is being planned or debated, the Canadian Chamber can mobilize concerned business people across the country through its unique chamber membership network."