Group Insurance Plan

Advantages for members:

The Chambers of Commerce Insurance Plan was developed with small business in mind, from sole proprietorships to firms of up to 35 employees. The program includes coverages traditionally reserved for the largest employers. That’s why the Chambers Plan is “At work for small business.”

Businesses in all industries can apply. Any business that has been in operation for at least six months is guaranteed eligible.

The Coverage is guaranteed renewable

Once a firm becomes insured with the Plan, it cannot be cancelled unless the Plan ends for everyone. As long as firms pay their premiums and continue to meet all eligibility and participation requirements, their coverage can’t be cancelled.

Pooling protects all participating firms and keeps the plan affordable:

Pooling allows the plan to spread the risk, offer more efficient administration, and make the plan affordable.

The Chambers Plan is easy to administrate

Claim forms and employee booklets are clearly written and easy to use. The administration guide and premium billing statements are set up for quick reference, with straightforward instructions. The National Service Line offers member firms and their employee’s toll-free access to plan information anywhere in Canada. Employers have the option of managing their plan anytime, anywhere, using my-benefits® ( And employees can also register for my-benefits, allowing them to review their benefit usage electronically, submit health and dental claims.

The Plan offers a full range of group benefits options including individual benefits like Optional Life, and member services like Best Doctors®.

These options can be selected in a wide variety of combinations, for tremendous flexibility to meet each firm’s needs. Many health options include important cost control traits and employers also have access to “Cost Plus” benefits to top up coverage.

As the Plan is run under the direction of a non-for-profit organization, premiums are set to cover just the cost of benefits and administration.

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